Archimate and Configuration database CMDB


In this article and video below we are going to take a look how to connect Configuration database CMDB with modelling tools and Archimate.

Archimate is a de facto standard for high level modelling of the enterprise architecture. When we say  high level, someone may imagine less than sufficiently detailed or superficial design which is good just for managers.

Detailed design according to UML or BPMN is also needed, however, sometimes we may forget to see the forest because of trees and that is the situation when Archimate can help us to clarify the key elements: application components, processes, that are supported by them, servers (in Archimate called nodes), which run the application, interfaces, data objects, important events.

Pozvednutí vzhledu stránek Verzované dokumentace. Panely pro strukturu článku (kapitoly) a zařazení do stromu článků.

And how is Archimate connected with Configuration database? We are typically modelling current AS IS and future TO BE state. AS IS relationships should be always in the configuration database. Furthermore, we are often getting the configuration items by automated infrastructure scans. We can very well use this in ObjectGears and define a scheme that for the given data of applications, servers etc. displays corresponding relationship map.

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