Enterprise Application Development

Solve complex business challenges by building low-code apps at speed and flexibility

Building custom business applications is a must for enterprises looking to:

  • improve customer engagement and experiences
  • increase collaboration and efficiency
  • future-proof business processes

What we can do - IT processes, configuration base, knowledge base, Service desk, project portfolios

At the same time companies are facing problems with:
  • Legacy applications and systems - are difficult to maintain, incompatible with new technologies and not responding to changes in business processes and new paradigms. This results in technical debt and high cost maintenance.
  • Shortage of resources and internal talents – shortage of talents causes difficulties to maintain current systems and pushes the cost. Organizations can hardly stay competitive without these scarce technology competencies.
  • Business-IT alignment and communication gaps – traditional siloed departments cannot well address evolving requirements. This leads to missing business expectations and too long time to market.
The answer to address these challenges and barriers is low code development.

Low-code accelerates app development

Low-code is 90% faster than traditional high-code development. This reduces time to market and increases competitiveness.

A low-code development platform allows organizations to increase productivity through clickable user interface, reusable elements. It facilitates agile development and Rapid Application development approach.

ObjectGears is by its nature Agile

ObjectGears low-code platform was built to align with the core principles of the Agile Manifesto. Since 80% + of the typical application is developed by clicking in ObjectGears, it keeps IT highly responsive to evolving business needs and user demands by pulling in business users to the development.

Divide the work into epics, features and user stories.

Foster IT – Business communicationFoster IT – Business communication


  • Collaboration tools from ObjectGears solutions help teams communicate and stay up to date on project statuses, gather feedback through polls, and encourage rapid iterations.
  • Business and IT alignment is also enhanced with clickable development approach. Developers of all skill levels can participate on delivery turning the requirements to action.

Use built-in agile tools

Use built-in agile tools


  • Agile is inherent to the ObjectGears Platform, making it easy for all skill level teams to switch. Project management tools support all types of developers throughout the entire application lifecycle — from requirements gathering, ideation phase to building, testing and deployment.
  • As an open and extensible platform, ObjectGears integrates with legacy systems through API.

Turn your Legacy applications to AgileTurn your Legacy applications to Agile


  • Your legacy systems should not hold you back. ObjectGears allows to extend, migrate, and replace legacy applications, wherever you are in your legacy modernization journey.

Rapid Application Development in ObjectGears

The Rapid Application Development emphasizes the User Design cycle of prototyping, testing, and refining. It responded to plan-driven waterfall method to allow development feed back to requirements and solution design. Even if it originates in the 1980s, RAD is still live due to its flexibility, responsiveness to user input and through providing users with an engaging experience.

Rapid Application Development cycle


Reduces riskReduces risk

RAD calls for short, agile sprints. This iterative approach provides safety since bugs and logic issues are discovered earlier in the SDLC before they jeopardize the entire delivery.


Increase quality

Increase quality

Soliciting feedback from business stakeholders and end-users is native to the Rapid Application Development approach. This helps meet the needs of your business and satisfy your customers.


Be fast

Be fast

Iterative releases on a model-driven, low-code platform allows your team to focus on delivering your solution on time and solving the real business need.