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Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) represents a methodology for managing critical business data including so called single point of truth. Master data are shared between particular applications and business processes. Typical examples of master data are data about products, customers and vendors. Appropriate master data management brings benefits in data quality, elimination of duplicities, compliance with legal  requirements, elimination of inefficiency and increase of quality of services, reporting and decisions.

ObjectGears MDM enables to create a complex master data model reflecting particular customer specifics. ObjectGears capability to catch and display also complex data relations, advanced integration features, solution of access rights, localization, scripting or workflow enable to meet the highest demands from the domain of Master Data Management.

Take a look at more detailed comparison of  standard applications` functionalities and ObjectGears benefits.

Key principles of master data management methodology

Master Data Management (MDM) is methodology for managing critical business data including so called single point of truth.


Master data management examples
  • products - your protfolio of products, relation to markets, customers groups, campaigns, internal processes, distribution channels and supply chain
  • customers - or business partners in a broader sense (agents, mediators, external points of sale), segmentation, relation to products, strategies etc.
  • vendors - portfolio of parties you work with to be able to produce and deliver your products
  • currencies - list of currencies you work with in your systems
  • materials, colours
  • cost centers, profit centers, budget items, business units
  • strategic objectives, projects, programmes, portfolios
  • ...

All these data can be found (maintained or referred to) in multiple applications and data sources. Master data management system will help you to organize them and keep them in proper shape for use across your organization.

Watch the video demonstrating practical aspects of a daily work with Master data. The usability of the solution is key in a successful implementation of Master Data Management system in a company. You can experience also with systems for master data management that a renowned company will sell you something that will be difficult to live with as a daily bread. How to avoid this? Here is couple of tips for what to be careful about and what to ask the vendors. Let`s look at creating master data tables, managing records validity, mass updates or graphical representation of validity.

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