Free license

ObjectGears is distributed also in a free edition which you can download.

This license is intended for a full-bodied use of ObjectGears platform for teams up to 25 users. No matter if you are a small, medium size or big company, if you need to share the application with up to 25 colleagues, ObjectGears is a right choice for you. The free version is updated in the same way as licensed version. This means that you will have available also new versions of the system.

There are available all the models in the installation including a ticket system EasyTask.

Installation can be freely downloaded.

Free license is intended for a full-bodied use of ObjectGears platform for teams up to 25 users

WHY do we have free ObjectGears version?

There is a lot of small companies, freelancers and students that use free software for their work. They make their work and life easier. A simple free version is often better for the given purpose than an expensive and complicated programme. In the same way we believe that before getting a software to be deployed in the whole company it is a good idea to test it in a real life use with a smaller team first. From our own experience we know that a temporary license for e.g. 30 days does not ensure that you will test it in depth. There are often new priorities coming and time and effort invested into a temporary license might be lost. You do not need to hurry with us. Moreover, we will be pleased to help you with deploying also the free version.

In turn for this we would like to know your view of ObjectGears system, your perceptions and comments. We actually know from experience that also details can decide about software popularity and success. Therefore, send us please your perceptions on email

A simple free version is often better for the given purpose than an expensive and complicated programme

License limits

  • Max. 25 users
  • No limits for schools and non-profit organizations

We support schools and non-profit organizations

Ask for a full version free without 25 users limit.

Ask for support

No matter if you use a free version, paid service or license, do not hesitate to ask for support. Contact us and we will be glad to help you with implementation.