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You can try ObjectGears including major models no matter where you are. You need just a browser and connection to internet.

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Demo is available in the following address:

Default language of the instance is English (users can switch the application in their profile also to German or Czech).

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Watch a video showing what to test in demo.

There is a limited number of artificially created data in both instances. This shows mainly in the area of reports where predefined reports or reports created by you may display different trends than you would expect from a system that contains large amounts of real data. However, this does not have any influence on demonstrating the functionality.

What can you try in the application?

You can try whatever you want in the demo. Hereinafter, we show couple of tips with which you can start.

  • Try to create a new task in model EasyTask, try filtering in the list of records
  • Take a look on Incident management solution (model IT - Operational layer)
    • Try to create a new incident
    • Record a course of incident solving by creating a new record on tab History
    • By means of button New problem (in the bottom toolbar in the incident detail) create a new Problem, that will link itself to the given incident
  • Take a look on Project solution (menu IT - Project layer)
    • Try to create a new project, put it into Programme or Portfolio, select configuration items that the project is adding, modifying or removing
    • Plan project finance (on tab Project years)
    • Create a Task that is solved within a project
  • Take a look at Solver dashboard (menu IT - Queries and dashboards - Solver dashboard)
  • Take a look at Service desk user dashboard (model IT - Queries and dashboards - My IT Service Desk)
  • Take a look at Knowledge base (menu Knowledge base - Knowledge base)
    • Display an article
    • Evaluate an article
    • Click on linked configuration items

What to do after trial?

  • Give us feedback. Send us your impression from the testing.
  • Download FREE version.
  • Ask for a presentation and consultation to solve your needs.
  • Ask for a quotation of ObjectGears Starting packStandard or Enterprise version.

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