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Service catalogue

IT organizations usually grow, develop, become more complex over the years. Together with this development overview about provided services often declines. Since a good quality service is a target of all IT processes, ITIL recommends clarifying portfolio of provided services and maintaining their catalogue.

Service catalogue should contain two views determined for two different groups of people:

  • Business service catalogue - contains details of services provided to the customer together with relations to business organization units and processes that utilize these services. It is a customer view.
  • Technical service catalogue - contains all the details together with relations to supporting services and configuration items. This information is not part of the customer view and is used by he service provider.

ObjectGears contains service catalogue designed according to ITIL recommendations. Since the services are configuration items at the same time, they have adequate interface to other ITIL processes.

Service catalogue should contain details of business and technical services


Examples of screens:


Service catalogue

This entity is used for particular services. Key atributes are name, description, status, service classification and criticality, supported processes, business owners and users, IT owners, SLA, supporting OLA and contracts, costs and other financial aspects of services, metrics and used strategy (insourcing, outsourcing etc.).

Service detail

Business service catalogue

Business service catalogue

Customer view contains, apart from name, description and status, mainly SLA, supported processes, business users and owners...


Service dashboard contains overall data about services in a graphical overview. Share of services by SLA, criticality, classification or strategy....

Service dashboard

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