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ObjectGears system installation

In order ObjectGears system installation is facilitated, we have created an installer for you. co nejvíce usnadnili, vytvořili jsme pro vás instalátor. You can install new versions of ObjectGears system, new models and themes by means of his installer. It will also help you to keep records about all your application instances (production, test, acceptance and development). In this way you can control all the updates from a single place.

Installer of the ObjectGears system

Installer is used for installation of new versions of ObjectGears system, themes and models. It also supports administration of the instances.

Installer and how to use it is described in the documentation.

Installation packages

We are adding new functions by means of packages. There are packages for the system itself, for models and for themes. In order to get more information check List of installation packages.


Quick presentation of some solutions delivered free with the ObjectGears system.


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