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Platform, objectives and value for customer

ObjectGears is a platform enabling creation of applications bringing solution to customer needs. It is based on Rapid Application Development (RAD) principles, as they are materialized in low-code and no-code systems.Platform is a frame containing generic functions that are utilized at creation of a solution. The platform itself does not contain any business logic or solution properties. It utilizes object approach and offers such generic features as effective development of object and their relations, broad possibilities of application localization, notifications, number of security concepts, workflow or scripting. This approach enables maximal flexibility of the designer/implementator when developing a solution because he/she is not limited in any way by the platform authors.

Universality of the ObjectGears platform show itself as a very strong point in comparison with product that always have less or more customization potential, however, they are focused on solving certain area (e.g. requirements systems, systems specialized on Configuration management, systems specialized on master data management). Intent of solving these certain areas becomes their own limit once the customer needs to solve some specific situation that author of these systems did not anticipate.

ObjectGears enabled us to get rid of tens of configuration files by replacing them with a central repository available via web interface. In contrast to the previously used files, configuration data have a unambiguous provable history and can be displayed according to the need in various ways (charts, schemes).

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ObjectGears platform represents a value for the customer, because he/she can develop solutions by help of it, that would otherwise call for much more resources. The other advantage in comparison with other development frameworks and platforms is zooming in on business user/architect/analyst. Solution in ObjectGears can be developed by any user, that is knowledgeable in area, he/she needs to solve, understands relations between entities he/she needs to work with, knows what properties these entities have and which roles will perform in the process. At the same time this user does not need programming knowledge for application development, but can create it in the ObjectGears user interface by "clicking". Specific requirements can be solved by scriptig which represent much more efficient option in comparison with a classic application programming both from the time demands perspective and necessary programming knowledge perspective.


ObjectGears enables analyst/architect or business user to realize their visions, without necessity to wait for project approval and availability of developer capacities. User, that does not have programming skills, can create an application or its structure very fast in Objectgears system, on which he/she can present benefits for business and company.

ObjectGears also presents an opportunity for consolidation of data, that are scattered among company units in form of MS Excel, MS Word overviews or applications or other programmes. Migration to ObjectGears is usually easy. It consolidates the data, cleanses them, takes care of integrity and elementary information system requirements (access rights management, audit trail, ability to integrate with other systems etc.). This often also solves various audit recommendations or eliminates risks resulting from data stored in inadequate information systems.

Both these paths correspond also with Gartner analyses and recommendations called (bimodal IT).

Effective IT execution often lacks urgency — and commitment to bearing the costs, and managing the demands, that an increase in speed and agility would bring. With bimodal IT, CIOs can overcome this inertia, help their departments meet the digital challenge, and ultimately bring the enterprise along.

Source: Gartner - How to Be Digitally Agile Without Making a Mess

We do not create a solution primarily but system that can implement the solutionNo matter if you solve requirements system, architecture repository, master data or another area, ObjectGears makes good use of its potential in an effective solution. Suprisingly, a better solution than a specialized subject-focused software.
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