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We are staging course Beginning with Configuration Database, which will take place in form of a webinar on May 28th and June 4th. Enroll and participate.

About ObjectGears

ObjectGears is a platform for rapid application development. Utilize ready-made solutions or create your own ones. Increase application development effectiveness and satisfaction of business users.

Our Know-how

We are managing IT processes, configuration databases, knowledge bases, Service desk, project portfolia and other processes. We can replace in a very effective (cheap and fast way) obsolete applications or Excel tables with a modern application with a responsive design and functions that will make your work more effective, efficient and secure.

Utilize current situation and enhance your qualification beginning with configuration database (CMDB).  

Start with FREE version free for 25 users and benefit from ready-made solutions. If this number becomes small for you, you can easily extend it. We will always provide you with support no matter if you use a paid or a free version.

You are in a good company

No matter if you are a big enterprise or a small team, ObjectGears will provide you with applications to solve various needs.





What our customers like about us

  • Rapid and effective development

ObjectGears is a system for rapid application development providing advanced functions like object structure design, workflow, notifications, audit trail, organization structures, filters, various forms of data display, reporting, scripting...(list of properties).

  • No vendor lock-in

Our customers do not get an application that they will hardly modify without the vendor. Instead they get a full access to the its logic and they can do configuration changes very often themselves even without software coding skills. Moreover, they find out that ObjectGears will help them to solve a number of other areas.

What will ObjectGears bring to me

IT Manager

Overview of projects, their course, employee priorities, summary data and details about operational incidents......

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IT Architect

Use of technologies, communication between systems, End of Life of systems and technologies......

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Project Manager

Breakdown of projects and change requests to particular tasks, project collisions, resource planning and utilization......

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Other roles...

IT Administrator, Solver, Key user, Business architect, Business manager, Process manager, HR manager, Auditor......

Benefits to other roles

Examples of ObjectGears system user interface

Customer portal


Workflow designer

Building blocks of the ObjectGears system

Basic introduction to ObjectGears system objects that can be used.

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