Knowledge base

ObjectGears system is delivered together with Knowledge base enabling:

  • creation of articles by means of html editor
  • article categorization into thematic areas
  • classification of articles (information can be accessed only by users with the given classification)
  • approval of articles in workflow (publishing of new versions is optionally conditioned by the topic owner)
  • inserting attachments, references to other articles or configuration items of IT Configuration Database
  • look up of articles by readers
  • evaluation of articles by users

ObjectGears system is delivered together with Knowledge base enabling


Connection of Knowledge Base with IT Configuration DatabaseConnection with IT Configuration Database by means of references to configuration items brings the possibility to display at configuration items articles, that mention the configuration item. At the time of incident at the configuration item or need to modify it within a project, it is possible to see not only relations to other configuration items (e.g. interfaces, application components etc.), previous incidents or changes performed on the item, but also articles of the knowledge base, that treat the item (e.g. user instructions, installation manuals, emergency plans).