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IT Configuration Database

ObjectGears Configuration Database contains several tens of mutually connected entities distributed to several logical layers. The model is always revised and adjusted to the particular customer needs, no matter if simplification, adjustment or extension is necessary. Inheritance principle  enables to link the entities also with relation parent - child and use a single definition of common attributes.

Configuration database items enter other IT processes (Incident management, Change management etc.) or are referred in the Knowledge Base.

The Configuration Database is logically devided into layerscRelationships between entities depend on your situation and needs. You can see the default model of system, hardware, application or e.g. project layer in the documentation. The model is adapted to your needs at the time of implementation. Entities and properties that are not necessary are hidden. New features are are added or current ones modified.

You can find more about IT configuration  database in the description of the process Configuration management.


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