Videos represent a fast way how to get familiar with anything. Therefore, we provide here various video views of the ObjectGears system that are split in couple of categories.

ObjectGears system

Building blocks of the ObjectGears system v1.4.1.0

Basic introduction to ObjectGears system objects that can be used.


Model Version Controlled Documentation - solution example

You can use this application free also for your products, services and solutions and comfortably maintain documentation for various products and their versions including language localizations. The documentation can be fully customized in terms of graphics.

Model EasyTask - solution example

Model EasyTask is a simple model for task management. Tasks can be easily categorized, prioritized and assigned to users for resolution. Everything can be adapted according to your needs.

Model Knowledge base - solution example

Example of Knowledge base, its implementation in ObjectGears system and how it can help you.


ObjectGears installer fundamentals

The video shows how to use installer for managing your instances and for installation of particular packages.

How to set up model in v1.5.0.0

Detailed description of model properties and multilayer access rights structure in ObjectGears.

Work with themes v1.5.0.0

Themes are various graphic templates that you can use in your applications. You can use them for distinguishing the models or adapting to corporate colours.

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