Platform for powerful solutions...

Platform for powerful solutions

ObjectGears is a system for rapid application development providing advanced functions like object structure design, workflow, notifications, audit trail, organiyation structures, filters, various forms of data display, reporting, scripting...(list of properties).

Start with FREE version free for 25 users and benefit from ready-made solutions for managing IT processes, Configuration database, Knowledge base, Service desk and other. If this number becomes small for you, you can easily extend it.

There were couple of people with long standing experience in information technologies at the beginning of the system, conscious of complexity of this environment, intricacy of its change management and at the same time with enthusiasm and confidence that there is a lot that can be done in a better way in order it makes more sense.

After several years of development we know it makes sense. Not only to us... We can hear it also from our users. And does it make sense also to you? That`s why this website is here... If it arouses your attention, contact us. We will do our best in order ObjectGears helps also to you. That`s our commitment and message to everybody who works or wants to work with ObjectGears.


What will ObjectGears bring to me

IT Manager

Overview of projects, their course, employee priorities, summary data and details about operational incidents......

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IT Architect

Use of technologies, communication between systems, End of Life of systems and technologies......

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Project Manager

Breakdown of projects and change requests to particular tasks, project collisions, resource planning and utilization......

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Other roles...

IT Administrator, Solver, Key user, Business architect, Business manager, Process manager, HR manager, Auditor......

Benefits to other roles

Examples of ObjectGears system user interface

Building blocks of the ObjectGears system

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