About ObjectGears

ObjectGears is a platform for rapid application development. Utilize ready-made solutions or create your own ones. Increase application development effectiveness and satisfaction of business users.

Our Know-how

We are managing IT processes, configuration databases, knowledge bases, Service desk, project portfolia and other processes. We can replace in a very effective (cheap and fast way) obsolete applications or Excel tables with a modern application with a responsive design and functions that will make your work more effective, efficient and secure.

Start with FREE version free for 25 users and benefit from ready-made solutions. If this number becomes small for you, you can easily extend it. We will always provide you with support no matter if you use a paid or a free version.


What we can do - IT processes, configuration base, knowledge base, Service desk, project portfolios

You are in a good company

No matter if you are a big enterprise or a small team, ObjectGears will provide you with applications to solve various needs.


What our customers like about us

ObjectGears is a system for rapid application development providing advanced functions like object structure design, workflow, notifications, audit trail, organization structures, filters, various forms of data display, reporting, scripting and many other.

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Why ObjectGears

No matter if you are a big company or a small team, ObjectGears will provide you with applications and solutions for various needs - Low code development platform for a fast development.

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Reduce your environment heterogeneity

Comprehensiveness of ObjectGears enables to consolidate many small applications which needlessly increase system heterogeneity.

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Become partners

Use ObjectGears system in your project and provide the customer immediately with wide possibilities of ready-made models, configuration, display and reporting. Recommend, sell, implement.

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Independence on a single vendor

Our customers will not get an application that can be hardly adapted to the new needs without the original vendor but a solution which provides a full access into the inner logic. Customers can therefore manage changes often themselves by configuration without programming knowledge. Customers realize gradully that the platform helps to solve a number of other areas.

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Building blocks of the ObjectGears system

Basic introduction to ObjectGears system objects that can be used.

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