Can you create your custom application?


Do you know Low code development tools? And can you create your custom application?

Creating own applications like Word or Outlook? That does not make sense...However, how about a system for recording orders, projects or tasks? Do you share now with colleagues data in a common file? Maybe you feel that it is not the right thing and it is far away from something that could be called an application. Maybe you are using a cloud service but customization possibilities of the features that somebody designed are poor and they do match specifics of each organization.

Low code development platform - will not force you to anything and you can adapt literally everthing according to you. How much can you do yourself?

Kolik aplikace dokážete sami vytvořit v Low code development platformě?

You wil be suprised that you can create most of your needs (including the example above) without coding skills. It is enough if you know what you want, if you can imaging the data and their relationships (connections, records references) or, in other words, data model. You can just click all of that including access permissions, email notifications, menu, integration with other systems and other possibilities. If you need a more sophisticated logic, e.g. for assigning a task solver, reminders or escalations, use a simple JavaScript. Are you saying that you are not a developer? You can do simple things just by copying examples from an open documentation, which is publicly available.

And what about more sophisticated things? Turn to a colleague from IT or use many external resources. SQL and JavaScript are widely spread competencies compared to complex technologies where reaching a decent full stack developer level takes years. This reflects then in price and mainly in resource availability. This issue is addressed just by low code development platforms. Most of the application can be created by a user without coding skills and particular details (e.g. logic on buttons) can be finetuned by regular IT staff. You already have for sure knowledge of SQL and JavaScript in your IT organization. It is a daily bread of many of us.

Do you need to simply create your custom application?

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