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Enhance your qualification - beginning with Configuration database


Pandemic and quarantine are decreasing our comfort like any change. We have a vigilant stance on changes and our response to them in our genes. However, each change is bringing also an opportunity. We should grasp these opportunities as much as we can. Utilize the quarantine and increase your qualification.

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Configuration database, benefits and related processes

Why to implement Configuration database? If you are a server administrator, maybe you keep your records in an Excel sheet. It allows you to quickly find out what you are using particular servers for – which role they are holding, IP addresses they are using, which hardware they are running on and where they are located. Maybe you are also keeping records of service contracts to the hardware and vendor contacts. If you are a manager, maybe you feel having lack of information about area of your responsibility. You trust your subordinates who are assuring you about taking care of everything properly but at the same time you would prefer having access to the information directly in order you can find answer to your questions. This information can inspire you to questions that you should actually ask in your job but without this information they will not come to your mind:

  • How many servers are running on operating systems which are out of major support or close to it?
  • When is vendor support ending for my servers?
  • How much should I prepare in my budget for the next year?
  • How many servers are physical and how many virtual?
  • Who are the key users of particular applications? Who is guarantor deciding about changes from the business functionality point of view?
  • How do applications exchange the data?

In our example we have used IT Configuration database. However, we can apply the same approach also to other areas and instead of servers keep records of e.g. manufacturing devices or subjects of our service activities. Benefits from a good order in data and related processes will be same.


Do you feel motivated to change something and begin with Configuration database? Drop us a note about what you are trying to solve. We will be glad to advise.

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