Filtering by context menu


Version 1.7.1 brings new posibilities of data filtering. We have build on current possibilities of the Quick filter above the list of records and filter used to create more sophisticated conditions and added a highly practical possibility of filtering according to data that you can see directly in the screen. In the list of records click by the right mouse button on a value from the column and choose whether you want to filter all the records with such particular value or if you want to take such records away from the list display.

In order to filter the records you can use now context menu that you can see in the below picture.

Filtering by context menu

Filters can be combined and therefore, you can separate step by step records that you are interested in. Every clicking adds a new condition to the filter above the list of records and you can see and further edit all the conditions determining the displayed data. In this way you can create really fast and intuitively filter that you need no matter if you are filtering according to numeric values, texts, referenced records, date and time, colours or other data types.

Filter created by means of context menu options Filter out and Filter looks then e.g. like this: