IT SDFI conference 2018


This year of IT SDFI conference focused on IT Governance and complexity and there was a number of foreign speakers presenting - e.g. Jonathan Boyd from UK ITSMF, Artur Margonari from Agile Consortium Belgium or Matthew Philip from ThoughtWorks. Pavel Carvan focused in his partner presentation on variedness of IT processes that need to be supported (classic ITIL processes, knowledge management, project portfolio management...) and much broader engagement of business in the development process when using ObjectGears RAD platform.

Key message of our contribution was: Wide business involvement is granted by platform openess, when companies can change and create literally anything, not just certain areas prepared by vendor, and mainly by the fact that vast majority of the application is created by the customer designer "on click" in ObjectGears.

The conference enabled us to get more information about trends and mainly get in contact with people thinking in a similar way. There was a dinner in the city center after the conference and we finished in hotel bar when the conversion turned both to topics of the conference and to broader topics of the particular speakers` experience. An innovative view from other companies and countries i always refreshing. We will definitely participate also next year.

Pavel Carvan for ObjectGears on IT SDFI conference 2018