If we want to enable users searching data, we have couple of choices. We can use a fulltext index and let users search words contained in the text. We can also categorize information - assign them to various groups. We can then offer this groups and display information that was marked like this. The second way can be effectively implemented in ObjectGears by means of key words. We will demonstrate this on an example of Knowledge Base.

We want to let users mark an article in the Knowledge Base by various key words. We will use column of type reference to anoher class and in the settings we will choose display as tags.

We can see that the user can mark the text with existing keywords. When the user starts writing, ObjectGears immediatelly starts limiting the offered list to words suiting to already input characters.

If the user has the given access right, he or she can enter also a new keyword that will be then stored to existing keywords.

Keywords are then displayed to the reader of the Knowledge Base article in the upper part of the screen. By clicking on the keyword articles marked by the keyword are filtered and displayed to the user.

You can have whatever number of keyword domains in a single ObjectGears instance. This means that if you have various catalogues or databases, each of them can have separate or on the contrary common keywords domains.