Lean Six Sigma projects in ObjectGears


Companies using Lean Six Sigma approach realize various projects within this activity. These projects differ from usual project conception in several aspects. Let`s take a look how ObjectGears can help with managing Lean Six Sigma projects portfolio.
The essence of the Lean Six Sigma approach consist also in the fact that we do not start a new project with quite clearly given time prospect as usual with classic projects, execution of which is preceded by analysis phase (preparation, prestudy), that shall ensure clarification of scope, requirements, financial estimations and time schedule.
Lean Six Sigma project is started with so called problem statement – an essential definition of the current state that we want to improve. We follow DMAIC methology then within the project. Project phases can be split to Define (definition of scope, Voice of the customer), Measure (current process data collection), Analyse (data analysis), Improve (realization of recommendations based on analysis) and Control (ensuring that accepted measures will be applied and process monitored). This Six Sigma family approach corresponds to Continuous improvement from the Lean tool family.
Another specific feature is an advancing emloyee certification with the objective to reach the required percentage of trained employees that then further spread Lean Six Sigma approach in the company. These certifications are always realized together with so called certification project that the emoloyee implements within his/her certification. Therefore, the manager responsible for Lean Six Sigma monitors the projects also from the perspective of project managers being already certified, with certification in progress or without certification. Other criteria that might be useful to control and assess in dashboards is business line or region, that will benefit from the project or that realizes the project.
Project manager can assign tasks to team members, record project milestones (if they are set) and regularly report project status.
This fundamental solution can be further easily extended according to needs of each customer by adding new necessary properties.