License free for commercial use


Free license is in case of ObjectGears intended also for commercial use. What does it mean? Download the ObjectGears free license and start using it for managing your processes. If you are a small company or you want to use ObjectGears for up to 25 users, you do not need a paid version because the free version will provide everything necessary including new versions. This means you will get upgrades to new versions again completely free. Therefore, when calculating total cost of ownership you get to a very interesting amounts. If you do not include hardware and time that you spend by installation, implementation of the product and subsequent maintenance (system development, adding new users and roles)  in TCO (Total cost of ownership), you end up with zero cost.

You do not need to be afraid of high cost even if you are a larger organization and want to use ObjectGears for more users. You can actually create as many instances as you want. If you are e.g. organization with 500 users and you want to use ObjectGears for managing IT processes where users are only in the IT team up to 25 users, you can use the free license. If you need also solution for your commercial or marketing team where you have another 25 users from these teams, run another instance for this solution. Again completely free.

And what if you need a single application for 50 or 500 users? License for 50 users costs 1.500 EUR. It is a one-time payment. If you want to cover the whole company from the above stated example and plan solution for all the 500 users, one-time payment for the license will cost 7.500 EUR. You can see that the unit price of the license for a single user decreases significantly with increase of the users.

Compare these cost with other platforms like JIRA, ServiceNow or SalesForce. You will find positive differences not only in price. Take a look how the other systems deal with workflow, management of access rights on record level, localization or what scripting possibilities do they offer. Take a look at overview of what is ObjectGears providing on top in comparison with other systems.

Why is there a free license? We want to support small teams and organizations without demanding any payment. If these organizations grow up and decide to use a paid version with more users they can count with favourable prices in comparison with competetion.

What will you get?

Mobile screen with menu and record




Responsive design - you will enjoy working with applications on your mobile device




Particular solutions - e.g. Knowledge Base or solution of IT processes

Menu for ITIL processes

Dashboard with services



Reporting - data from your processes will be displayed in graphic form


...and many other functions and solutions.