News in version ObjectGears 2.0


In this video we will introduce main news in ObjectGears version 2.0. You can find list of all the news in the Release notes in the documentation.
We will go through just the main changes.

Version 2.0 brings new application look. The buttons moved to the upper part of the screen. The working area increased its size. Left menu can be completely collapsed. This menu has a new tree structure. Besides application tree we can see in the left bar also our favourite pages and pages that we visited recently.
Buttons for filtering changed and can be found now in the left part of the screen.

You can adjust the look yourself. If you move to the user settings, you can set your custom thematic background from available images or you can upload an image according to your choice. If the administrator configures user images, you can upload your picture which will be then displayed next to your name instead of initials.

With Windows authentication you can use alternative user accounts. If you work as an administrator, you may be using also a special administrative account besides your normal account. Thanks to alternative accounts you can be present in ObjectGears as a single user no matter with which account you are logged in. All the tasks, projects, configuration items, notifications work with you as a single person even if you have more accounts and switch between them.

If you use jobs for task scheduling, you can use now three new ways how to terminate the job during its course by a script.

In the import settings you can define that the import table shall be kept also after the import finishes. This will allow further operations with data also after import is over. In the default set up the option to delete the import table is checked. You just uncheck the option and the import table will persist in the database and you can refer to it in the scripts by the ImportRun ID.

When creating columns, you can use now many new predefined columns which can be added to the class just on click.

You can group values according to particular columns in the list of records now, if you enable this in the class set up. In the list of tasks, you can then group e.g. by project into which the task belongs, by solvers that deal with the task or by states of the tasks.

Last important note: The main application pages have been translated to Slovak. Besides English, German and Czech it is the fourth language in which ObjectGears is available. Language can be switched by the user any time.

Thank you for your attention and let us know in the comments below how you like the new look.