Do you know ObjectGears components?


ObjectGears uses several components. The main ones are depicted in the below scheme.

The main components of ObjectGears

If you install ObjectGears in your own environment (On Premise), you start with Installer - a simple application that you can download. If you use cloud service, you skip this step. Installer helps you install, upgrade and license an ObjectGears instance. If you run more instances, you can manage everything centrally from a single place.

Web is ObjectGGears face. It is accessed by users, that you create in ObjectGears after installation and to which you assign the roles. Optionally, you can take over roles from an external Access management system (e.g. MS Active Directory).

One of entities that you will probably use in ObjectGears are various types of tasks. These can be tasks from projects, incidents, catalogue requests and other objects for which somebody is responsible and which should be resolved, closed or processed in another way till certain time. Keeping eye on these deadlines, informing about task assignment, vertical and horizontal escalations - that is a job for the third important component, Windows service. This service works independently on users, day and night. Besides monitoring deadlines it sends also emails, executes scheduled jobs and shifts process course according to defined schemes.

Admin Tool is a true helper of the administrator. It is used for system maintenance and performing various mass operations.

You can learn more about components in the documentation.