Rapid application development


RAD, incremental development or agile programming are concepts considered as a trend in the last years, even though their roots go back to fifties of the last century. They are an alternative to the traditional waterfall software development approach, that emphasizes precise specifications and planning, when requirements collection phase is followed by solution design phase and that one by its development phase. This traditional model was used when constructing buildings, bridges or another infrastructure. However, when developing software we often need to adapt the requirements based on information and knowledge gained only during the software development process. This is why RAD supports e.g. prototyping. Users can much more easily express their needs in form of commenting on a particular prototype rather than checking an extensive documentation based on which waterfall development is going on. This is why, there is often an application at the end of the waterfall development that is missing a critical function or is too complex.

ObjectGears wants to go even further. It provides functions of systems that are available "on click" or after a short configuration that can be done by a common user. Properties that would be otherwise implemented by developer in a complex and labour intensive way (design of object structure, workflow, audit trail, reporting etc.) can be created by a common business user that is interested in the necessary solution development always more than a programmer. In this way, ObjectGears helps to make good use of drive of these business users. This is the primary objective of the ObjectGears system.


Summary: Classic applications vs. RAD
Classic applications RAD solution
Single-purpose does not suit. Many available functions. Everything can be adapted, simplified or enhanced.
No capacities for internal development. More applications in a single RAD system. Engagement of business users.
External development is too costly. No need to create everything from scratch. Ready-made ObjectGears solutions.
You need it asap. Click-on functions.
Many data in Excel sheets (EUC). Easy data import from Excel sheets and their replacement.


Main objects of the ObjectGears system

Main objects


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