References to users


Apart from adding user properties (see previous article) it is possible to work also with references to users. What it will bring to us and what potential is hiden in this functionality, that`s the subject of this short article.

You can refer to other data (records from other classes) in classes you create. In the same way you can refer also to users. You will utilize that when you want to record e.g. application administrator process owner, project manager, incident solver, customer of a task request etc. The more you will use the system, the more it will record job of users, their role in the organization and responsibilities. This brings us to an overview of user engagement.

Imagine that you need to verify involvement of a user in processes, his responsibilities etc. That will be of your interest at the time when you solve distribution of work in your team, takeover of agenda from employee that is going to another team or that has already left the organization. At this moment you will need to know, wherever the given employee was engaged - what he/she is in charge and responsible for. Below stated overview is used exactly for that.

We can see particular types of references to the user/engagement in the overview. Particular tabs can be clicked on which displays overview of all the records that relate to the user. After clicking on a link in the record we are moved to a particular record. The record will show us all the details. We can also change the user - e.g. set a new program owner.