We are releasing demo and a free version


We are launching ObjectGears on-line demo  and releasing a free version at the same time. Everybody can now try ObjectGears and also download a free version.


How can I use free version?

Model EasyTask, which is part of the free version, can be very well used for managing work in small teams (managing tasks or smaller projects...). We use it ourselves in ObjectGears. The only limitations are number of users (max. 5) and number of used classes (max. 100) for your extensions. Free version contains all the ObjectGears functions including workflow, scripting, reporting tool etc.

Can I use free version also for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use it also for your company processes. There is no restriction in this way. Furthermore, you can demand new ObjectGears updates in free version. Free support can be found on ObjectGears community forum.

What if I need more users or solution for more than 100 classes?

If free version limits do not suit you any more, send us an email. We will always try to offer you such a solution that will suit you.


We wish you successful testing and best use of free version. If you have whatever ideas or comments, we will be happy if you share them with us.