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Maybe you also know very well the situation when almost every company has a system for accounting or warehouse management but also many processes that are one big grey area. Users share data in these processes via email or help themselves with Excel tables which they send or store on a shared drive and it is no difference whether it is a drive in the company or somewhere in the Cloud. In both cases it is the same dirty job that they are not happy with, often for a long time. They know how they could solve the issue, know a software that would help them but it fails getting into budget. The fact is that these are not critical processes that would bring a new business and which would be in management focus.

This video should not be crying or critics but rather noting this situation. If we think about it, it makes sense that the company focuses on critical projects and therefore many back-office processes have a poor support. Can we do something about it? I am convinced we can. If you are also hearing for several years that your idea for an application that would make your job easier does not come under priorities or there is no budget for it, try creating your application in ObjectGears – platform for a rapid, cheap and effective application development. It won`t be no cost. You will have to invest your time to think about, how the application should work but companies are not that sensitive to such cost as investments in licenses. On top of that we can help you with that.

ObjectGears is free up to 25 users, in a full version with a complete functionality. You can start with ready-made solutions for a simple task management, knowledge management or a complex IT process management, Service Desk, project portfolio management or version controlled documentation. You can adapt these to your needs and also create your new applications from scratch.

Important is that also users without coding skills can develop an application in ObjectGears, just by clicking. They should just know what they want to achieve, how the screens should look like and who should work with them.

It may happen that in a more complex application something cannot be created just by clicking. In such a case just define what should happen – e.g. after clicking on a button. Your IT colleagues or somebody from a vendor company may help you. ObjectGears functionality can be extended by means of Javascript, standard widely used technology that is also a clear trend for future in the given areas. However, it is still true that 80% of the work can be created without coding. Begin simply and involve more complex functionality like workflow later on if necessary, piece by piece, same like if you put together a puzzle game.

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Topic from Startup festival 2018.