Utilize ObjectGears: Workflow


You can use ObjectGears as a pure web application. However, let`s take a look on its workflow solution that enables us to realize real processes.

Software vendors often call workflow such features that contain hard coded sequence of steps or contain only few types of actions and poor workflow course control. Third party products with questionable support are also often used. Such solutions do not have e.g. graphical workflow editor that is then substituted by unclear definitions within XML files. More complex worflow is then very difficult to maintain. Not mentioning usual user comprehension.

In ObjectGears, we wanted also in case of workflow own robust solution that we will know up to the last details and will be able to further extend and support it. Also in case of workflow we wanted that a user without programming skills can create it.

We speak about solution that enables to:

  • involve users, provide them with task overview, that they shall process, and notify them about received tasks
  • delegate tasks in case of holiday or other absence with possibility to direct various task types to various delegates (assistent, superior, subordinate, colleague…)
  • manage also non-trivial workflow course (cycle, synchronization of activities, conditions)
  • respond to events that occur in ObjectGears or outside of it
  • perform whatever program activities
  • execute other processes in a synchronous or asynchronous way


Workflow makes possible automating processes that otherwise take place in a "manual" way and do not have guaranteed clear course corresponding to clearly defined conditions. Consider using ObjectGears workflow if following situations are familiar to you:

  • we use paper forms for approval process, it is necessary to demand signatures repeatedly, and since more people are involved in hand-over, they sometimes get lost
  • we use emails for approvals and tasks and we have similar problems like those mentioned above
  • delays in approvals causes delays in achieving results required by the company
  • uncertainty, in which phase the approval is pending, causes stress to people
  • necessity to check, whether everything was approved and nothing disappeared, cost our labour time and effort


ObjectGears workflow takes care of:

  • predefined process, that shall be applied, including determining logic who shall approve what
  • date of tasks origin and time of their resolution are clearly defined
  • everybody know when they got which task and untill when it shall be carried out
  • it is always clear in which state particular tasks are found
  • process effectiveness, delays in approvals and task fullfilment are evaluated in reports


How to create workflow in ObjectGears...that`s what we show in a case study Access rights.

Example: Workflow scheme

Workflow pattern is defined in graphical editor. It is represented by a directed graph consisting from nodes (activity elements and workflow control elements) and edges that connect elements and make up possible workflow paths. Within the workflow scheme also nested (subordinate) schemes can be used, in which certain set of activities can be performed, and then control is returned to the superior scheme.

Workflow scheme