Version 1.6.1 released


Version 1.6.1 was released and is free to download now. Newly you can install the application by means of installer. What are the most important news? Compared to version 1.6.0 the news consist in data reading optimalizations and various small improvements of the previous version.Upgrade to 1.6.1 can be definitely recommended. Here are particular examples:

Data export into Excel is reflecting now also columns hidden by a script for the list of records. Data exported to Excel are then always same as data displayed in the page with list of records. Also in cases when a sophisticated logic is used to determine what data should be displayed.

You can restrict or change colour palette that is provided to the user. If you want to let the user pick up only from three traffic lights colours, you can easily set this up.

Rule of the type Script has a new property - Functional description. It enables to separate commenst from the script itself and accelerate script execution.

You can display webpart style or leave them cleanly without any framing. This extends new possibilities how to work with the design of the pages you created.


A complete overview of the new properties can be found in the documentation.

Version 1.6.1 was released and free to download