Version 1.7.1 released


Version 1.7.1 was released and is free to download. What are the most important news?

Users are provided with a new possibilities of a comfortable data filtering. Besides so far possibilities they can now browse in the data, click by right mouse button on particular data and determine whether they should be added or removed from the filter. This possibility works for most of data types. As an example the below picture shows column Colour and possibilities to Filter or Filter out.

Version 1.7.1 was released and is free to download 

Another news comes in access rights. Access rights can be now defined also in such a way that they reflect access rights on referenced records. This means that you can set now that if the users are authorized to display record of a particular customer, they can also automatically get access rights to its orders, contracts, invoices etc.

A complete overview of the new properties can be found in the documentation.