Why to use global search


ObjectGears system supports solution of various agendas and processes. From incidents, releases and other entities over buildings, users, various configuration items or assets, to projects, portfolios...etc. Therefore, it might be sometimes difficult to find given overview, especially, if users do not use the system that often to remember where it can be found.

This is why ObjectGears contains global search. It enables to search through all the classes and their text columns and find the requested text.


In this way you can simply find:

  • an incident, if you know its number
  • page from the documentation (Knowledge Base)
  • part of a text stored somewhere in a note


Global search does not check all the text columns, only those defined in advance. Therefore you can manage performance and easily hide columns that you do not want users to go through.

In order to enable search just check in the column definition the option "Enable for global search". That`s it. The next search will include also this column but only if the user has Read access right in the given class. This ensures security and access only to the data for which the user is authorized.

Search results are separated into sections according to particular classes for more clarity. If the search outcome is represented by a single record, then this record is opened directly. Therefore, if you search according to the incident number you get fast the requested record.

The searched text is stored in the database for purpose of a future analysis. we recommend to take a look at the search statistics from time to time and update user documentation, model navigation, menu or train the users. You will increase their productivity by doing that.

The above printscreen displays search results. Catalogue request section is unpacked. We can see that it contains three records corresponding to the searched text. The user can start the search in the text field in the upper right screen corner.