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In ObjectGears we try to help others - we build such solutions that represent a value for our customers. We recognize results, not worked hours...We appreciate ideas, even though they came with ease, not needless documents, even though they demanded extensive effort...We acknowledge open-minded personalities that care about their job making sense to them.


We offer various ways how to balance your job, home duties and your life. We recognize equal opportunities. No matter if you prefer employment or contract job, send us an email to

We acknowledge open-minded personalities that care about their job making sense to them.

Drop us a line :-)

We will help you to develop your talent and gain from your experience.

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We support community of its users, partners and developers using this platform. No matter which group you belong to, there are following tools at your disposal.

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Frequently asked questions

Is ObjectGears an open source? How about support? Is scripting an adequate alternative to classical programming? What is unique for ObjectGears?

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Use ObjectGears system in your project and provide the customer immediately with wide possibilities of ready-made models, configuration, display and reporting.

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