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Community works also for you...

ObjectGears supports community of its users, partners and developers using this platform. No matter which group you belong to, there are following tools at your disposal.


ObjectGears Forum

I you come accross any issue or lack of clarity, do not hesitate to ask on our forum. You will receive an answer from the community people that have already solved the issue or directly from ObjectGears staff. In order to ask a question you have to register and log on. Reading and looking up on forum does not need any registration.



Partners and customers with service support

If you are distribution or implementaton partner or customer with a service contract, you can access ObjectGears support portal. Reported incidents are taken over and solved according to the parameters of particular service contract.


DEMO version

Apart from downloading ObjectGears FREE version you can access online DEMO version. DEMO version is a full version with limited amount of data. You can modify the data or create new ones as you want. The goal is to enable customers to try ObjectGears system on their own before decision about implementation.



ObjectGears certifications reflect needs of organizations and IT professionals and prove that their holders have skills and experience necessary for a successful implementation of ObjectGears system.

There are following certifications available:

ObjectGears Certified Sales Professional (OGCSP) - This certification focuses on ability to identify customer needs that can be solved by means of ObjectGears, explain to customers advantages against other solutions and maximize utilization of customer benefits. This certification is available only to distribution and implementation partners.

ObjectGears Certified Administrator (OGCA) - This certification is focused on installing, initial configuration and administration of ObjectGears environment. It corresponds to needs of ObjectGears Administrator.

ObjectGears Certified Designer (OGCD) - This certification is focused on design and adaptation of ObjectGears solution. It corresponds to needs of ObjectGears IT owner.

ObjectGears Certified Engineer (OGCE) - This certification is focused on solution modification and creation of own applicatons including utilization of ObjectGears object model. You have to be a holder of OGCD to apply and get this certification.

If you are ObjectGears partner or customer, you can get certified free of charge within partner programs in case you successfully pass the tests..

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