Looking for JIRA alternative? Read more.


Companies using certain software or considering its adoption naturally ask whether there are some alternatives and what are their advantages. JIRA is a very good tool for managing processes related to software development. Nevertheless, if you look for an alternative, ObjectGears can provide interesting advantages.

  • Ready-made solutions for a wide range of IT processes, Knowledge Base, Project portfolio management
  • Fully-fledged workflow – not only rules for transition between statuses, but self-operating system moving the process through all the defined paths, that you can use as a workflow designer and engine also for your current applications
  • Tools for support of your own applications no matter what is their subject
  • Wide possibilities of an effective localization into languages according to your choice
  • Flexibility in customizations – you will no more have to tell users „This is not possible.“
  • License cost savings in range of tens of percentage points. This business case will be definitely appreciated by your CEO and CFO

In JIRA you work with tasks. This is something that also ObjectGears is providing. And on top of that you can work with many other entities (catalogue requests, incidents, problems etc.), that relate to other IT processes. The solvers hence works with a single queue of prioritized tasks regardless of the topic or process they are working with. User productivity is also greatly increased by using a Knowledge Base within above mentioned processes. JIRA provides a solution by means of CONFLUENCE, another software, licences of which you have to pay for or which you can use as another paid service. In ObjectGears you have everything in one place without need to pay extra charges.

Master a modern system by means of which you will be able to provide your company with solution of needs to which you responded so far just by referring to other priorities or lack of resources. Recognition by your colleages will be just the first step in your success. People from ObjectGears and partner companies will support you in your effort.

Define a process and assign tasks or perform various activities in its course. Users will be notified about the task by an email containing link to the task with further details. After resolving the task workflow moves to next activities.

ObjectGears provides interesting advantages when looking for JIRA alternative

Create your custom menu according to Corporate Identity of your organization.

custom menu according to Corporate Identity of your organization

You will have a set of reports available for your new application and you can easily create new ones.

set of reports available for your new application and you can easily create new ones